Saturday Night’s newest, familiar faces

Saturday Night Live season 42 premiered last weekend with a Trump/Hillary debate cold open, a first Family Feud, and many sexy Margot Robbie sketches.

The return of SNL means two things, out with the old and in with the new cast members.

Let’s all  take a moment to observe and commemorate  the fallen cast members who won’t be returning this season.

RIP to the SNL career’s of:

Taran Killam (2010-2016)


Mostly known for: Snooty 1800’s critic Jebediah Atkinson, Mokiki, French Dancing Fool, overall strong ensemble traits.


Jay Pharoah (2010-2016)


Mostly known for:
Jay-Z, Kanye West, Ben Carson, Katt Williams, Barack Obama, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, literally everyone else.


Jon Rudnitsky (2015-2016)


I’m sorry, who is this? Can someone please tell me? Is this the record for shortest SNL career in history?
Do you even go here?

Two of you will be dearly missed.


Now to the exciting part: NEW CAST MEMBERS. There’s three new names to know: Mikey Day, Alex Moffat, and Melissa Villaseñor.

I’m excited to say that I already recognize two of the newbies. I felt an inkling of familiarity watching Mikey Day on the SNL’s premiere and quickly realized he was in one of my favorite viral videos in middle school. He played Evan, a man terrorized by David Blaine in, the David Blaine Street Magic series. I still think this video is comedic gold. “You shrunk my Honda, you bitch!”

Melissa Villaseñor also resonated with me and I realized she was the person on the Vine who got famous a couple months ago for her INSANE “Oh wow” Owen Wilson impression. Her Vine, titled “Owen Wilson On A Date,” along with her Vine account has gone private since then, but she’s posted similar content on her YouTube.

As for Alex Moffat, I can’t say I’m familiar from first glance, so I guess he’s our SNL rookie underdog at this point.

Anyway, here’s what you need to know about each of SNL’s newest entertainers.

Mikey Day


From: Orange County, California

Also apparently dated (is dating?) Selma Blair. Hmm.

Previous Work: Friends with Benefits, Kath & Kim, The Jay Leno Show, MAD, Maya and Marty (current), Robot Chicken (current).

Debut characters: Matt Shatt, an unattractive croc-wearing husband whose marriage to an attractive woman (Margot Robbie) puzzles a news team. Donald Trump Jr. during Family Feud: Political Edition.

Known Impressions: James Vanderbeek

Alex Moffat


From: Chicago, Illinois

Previous Work: The Second City, ImprovOlympic, Annoyance Theatre, Zanies Comedy Club, and Uncle John (2015)

Debut Character: Eric Trump, during Family Feud: Political Edition, and a seismologist.


source: @melissavcomedy on twitter
source: @melissavcomedy on twitter

*The first ever Latina cast member in SNL’s 41 year history.
From: Whittier, California

Previous Work: Adventure Time, Family Guy, TripTank, America’s Got Talent Season 6, First Impressions

Debut Character: Sarah Silverman in Family Feud: Political Edition.

Known Impressions: Owen Wilson, Natalie Portman, Whitney Cummings, Sia, Zooey Deschanel, Barbara Walters, Jennifer Lopez, Hillary Clinton, Kate Micucci, Sonia Sotomayor, Kristen Wiig, Gwen Stefani.

I’m looking forward to an interesting season, here’s hoping these 3 fill the enormous shoes left for them!


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