RiFF RAFF killed my Twitter notifications indefinitely

In the past 28 days, the account I have been running for this blog reached 179K people organically and that’s no small feat. As much as I’d love to take credit for this impressive outreach and use it as an example of my training in social media – I have to admit, it’s success has had a lot to do with luck.

The reason The Funyun has seen so much Twitter success is because it was followed, liked, and retweeted by questionable human possible alien, RiFF RAFF, a.k.a (@JODYHiGHROLLER). For those who don’t know, RiFF RAFF is the aesthetically neon and outrageous rapper behind viral hit Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz.


RiFF RAFF’s music is one thing, but his persona is another. I was drawn to RiFF RAFF because his vines were an alarming glimpse into what happens when you give a manchild a shitton of money. He frequently vined his outrageous yet childlike life – showing us that gummy bears like to swim in codeine, proving he’s a “real boy” with his $30,000 Pinocchio diamond arcade-prize-looking ring, and sporting sharpened shark-teeth grills, for whatever reason. While he was sharing his wealth and weirdness, he also shared his love for his huskies and made references, that dare I say it, made him relatable. His vine account was something I couldn’t look away from no matter how hard I tried.

Here’s when he dyed his dog Jody Husky blue:

So when vine announced a few weeks ago that it was shutting down, I immediately starting mourning RiFF RAFF’s account. I tweeted BY ACCIDENT on The Funyun’s account, through a Tweetdeck error, that I would miss his vines the most. I attached my favorite vine of his. “Some people like to wake up and go to work. I like to smoke weed and play basketball. To each is own.”

Hours went by and the tweet had gotten a few favorites, the usual, and I moved on. The next thing I know RiFF RAFF follows me. So I’m thinking, okay that’s cool maybe he saw my tweet. I thought it was interesting he checks his mentions still or searches his name, but again, would not be surprised. Then a few minutes later, he likes the tweet and I just smile because he is outrageous. Then he retweeted it to his 1 million followers and within minutes my mentions were more dead than Vine. I had to shut off my notifications for the next two days. It still gets at least one retweet every single day since then.

If you had told me months ago that I’d be owing Twitter traffic success to RiFF RAFF I would lose my mind at how ridiculous that sounds. But it happened, and it’s hilarious. My biggest regret is that I did not tweet it on my personal account.

The longest, most stable relationship I have ever had is with my Twitter. Our relationship started in 2011 as an outlet for me to tweet shadily about my hometown. I was 15, shy, and had a lot to say to no one who really wanted to listen. Twitter was my confidant, my community beyond my community, and soon it became an impulse.

Five years later, Twitter is not only my outlet, but my job. Over the past year, I’ve worked in the social media department at a major TV network and at one of the leading entertainment agencies in Hollywood. I’ve tweeted for some of my favorite shows, networks, and people. I’ve hosted Twitter chats, weekly social media standup meetings, and live-tweeted event coverage. I’ve met some amazing people, and had to deal with some not so amazing people.

While I did use some social media skills, I have to admit this feat was mostly luck. There were a few factors on my side that got it noticed, though. It was a timely tweet that directly mentioned the subject with praise, making it more retweetable than an unfavorable critique. It directly mentioned him, so it straight into his mentions, which he apparently checks. Lastly, it contained media on a loop, which gave him a reason to retweet it.

If I have learned anything from working professionally on Twitter in the past year is that while you can strategize, plan, and anticipate – the best engagements often come from a combination of reaction and a bit of luck.

While some of us aren’t lucky in nature, it’s still 100% possible to reach these Twitter gains with strategy. Here’s my social media intern wisdom bestowed:
Most networks recognize 12pm – 3pm on Twitter as the best time to post, but the peak time for clicks and reach is actually 5pm. Know that most brands schedule content around 3pm and use that to your advantage.
-Know your audience – During work and school hours Twitter users are 119% more likely to browse and tweet.
-Directly @ users mentioned in your tweet. There’s a chance they don’t check their mentions, but they might. From doing this I’ve gotten some funny, random favorites from people like Rachel Bloom, B.J. Novak, JoJo, Madison Pettis, Irin Carmon, and obviously RiFF RAFF.
-If you want to gain traffic and a following, you have to tweet multiple times a day. Daunting, I know.
-Participate in Twitter chats to gain like-minded friends online and advice on how to grow. Here’s a directory of them.
-Don’t tweet crap. Inside jokes on Twitter should have died back in 2012. Don’t tweet about how excited you are to eat a sandwich, Unless that sandwich is hilarious. Mindfully tweet for an audience.

BAD TWEET: Why? It’s a subtweet from 2012. That’s where subtweets that aren’t creative should stay: in 2012. I cannot stress enough how my old tweets make me CRINGE because I was obsessed with myself and only tweeting about myself. I blame friends and family for feeding my ego.


GOOD TWEETS: Why? Topical, creative & less about an individual.




My personal tricks for Twitter are about timing, tagging, and sarcasm. Who knows, with these tips, maybe you too could be graced with a follow from an outrageous man like RiFF RAFF. I know that’s probably on all of your bucket lists right? Right. Until next time – I’ll be here tweeting nonsense if you’re interested.

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