Lizzo Is ‘Good As Hell’

The time in between Beyoncé albums is grueling and unpredictable. We never quite know when she’ll announce an album release on Instagram or drop Lemonade. Fear not. I have found a solution to Beyoncé-less eras: a feminist lyrical powerhouse that goes by the name Lizzo.


The 28-year-old alternative hip hop artist performed a few songs from her latest EP Coconut Oil this past weekend at Entertainment Weekly’s Pop Culture festival and that’s when it all clicked. For optimal viewing of this post, click the video below and listen to the audio as you read.

Lizzo’s onstage energy is a magnetic force-field of confidence. She’s a woman, she’s thick, she’s black, and she’s proud. During her performance, Lizzo and her entourage wore fierce single-ladies-esque black unitards for best booty-shakin’ conditions. Her confidence was a breath of fresh air, and her pipes were the wind to carry that air. She sang about loving herself, her fellow ladies, and about being turnt. That’s the trifecta of a perfect feminist anthem and I’m %100 here for it.

Lizzo main hit right now is called Good As Hell and that is a perfect way to describe her. Good As Hell came out this past March and has over 3,000,000 plays on Spotify.

She may have only had this one viral hit so far, but I believe there is much more coming from Lizzo. Now is the time to get on board with her before she blows up and is soon the name on everyone’s lips – because isn’t it cool to know about things before your friends do? You’re welcome.

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