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You’ve made it to the cool page. The Salty Spatoon. Don’t slip on an icecube during your stay. We will not pay your Weenie Hut General medical bills.


Here is a dumping place for all the cool media we like, that you should like too. Here you’ll find feminist themed lit, music, TEDxtalks, art pieces–anything really that is ‘cool’ media worth sharing. Amidst all those viral Facebook videos of loud racist Tomi Lahren (bleh), quick DIY videos of food you’ll save but never actually make (because who are we kidding, you don’t have your life together like that) and those Buzzfeed quizzes that let you know exactly which fruit best represents your inner soul (Kiwi, obviously)–wouldn’t it be nice to see somethin’ cool? I think so.

We should all be feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, at TedxEuston. Coolness rating 10/10. If I ever have children (the thought of me being a mother, let’s pause and reflect on that actual Lucille Bluth picture there) they must watch this at a young age. I will wake them up from nap time to talk about feminism. “You can have your juice after you memorize the first few verses, RuthBaderGinsberg Marie. Run it again.”

In case that sounds familiar to you…here’s the Beyoncé sampling you most definitely heard it from.

Fun fact: I once gave a presentation in a college-level government & politics about why Beyoncé is a political figure. And this was before she dropped Lemonade. 🍋🍋🍋

Who Gets to Be Angry? by Roxane Gay. Coolness rating 8/10. Roxane Gay is a personal hero of mine because she champions the label of a “bad feminist.” A bad feminist is a feminist who is not perfect because feminism is flawed because it is made by people, and people are inherently flawed. I met Roxane once and she told me to embrace my bad feminist. That I will.

Women & Women’s First, Portlandia. Coolness 100/10. I love everything about this satirical feminist book store, and Portlandia is one of my favorite shows. Candance is me. My personal  favorite is season 5, episode 3, “Healthcare” in which Candance is in need a of heart transplant, learns that the heart donor was a man, and tells the nurse to throw the heart in the trash because she doesn’t want a man’s heart in her female body.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, written by Rachel Bloom. 9/10. A show about a successful Harvard lawyer with lots of money…except she’s crazy, and moves across the country, not because of Josh who also just happens to be there, it’s a lot more nuanced than that.  CEG is my new favorite feminist comedy musical and I fall harder for perfectly cynical Santino Fontana (Greg) every day I’m alive. Also main character Rebecca Bunch is a strong woman who just so happens to struggle with mental illness. I think her story is a great place for someone who maybe doesn’t understand the ins and outs of anxiety to start learning. As a self-identified shaky chihuahua anxious mess, I’m thankful for Rebecca as a representative.

Also, peep my favorite number from Santino Fontana about settling. Ugh. No one is settling for you, my sweet Broadway crush Santino.