Lizzo Is ‘Good As Hell’

The time in between Beyoncé albums is grueling and unpredictable. We never quite know when she’ll announce an album release on Instagram or drop Lemonade. Fear not. I have found a solution to Beyoncé-less eras: a feminist lyrical powerhouse that goes by the name Lizzo.


The 28-year-old alternative hip hop artist performed a few songs from her latest EP Coconut Oil this past weekend at Entertainment Weekly’s Pop Culture festival and that’s when it all clicked. For optimal viewing of this post, click the video below and listen to the audio as you read.

Lizzo’s onstage energy is a magnetic force-field of confidence. She’s a woman, she’s thick, she’s black, and she’s proud. During her performance, Lizzo and her entourage wore fierce single-ladies-esque black unitards for best booty-shakin’ conditions. Her confidence was a breath of fresh air, and her pipes were the wind to carry that air. She sang about loving herself, her fellow ladies, and about being turnt. That’s the trifecta of a perfect feminist anthem and I’m %100 here for it.

Lizzo main hit right now is called Good As Hell and that is a perfect way to describe her. Good As Hell came out this past March and has over 3,000,000 plays on Spotify.

She may have only had this one viral hit so far, but I believe there is much more coming from Lizzo. Now is the time to get on board with her before she blows up and is soon the name on everyone’s lips – because isn’t it cool to know about things before your friends do? You’re welcome.

Watsky’s X Infinity – touched my heart and anxiety

This past weekend a few of my best friends from home went and saw Watsky perform in Boston. I watched their snapchats with envy and nostalgia. After all, his older song Sloppy Seconds once seemed to be the summer anthem that kept our friend group glued together. His words, “I don’t care where you’ve you been, how many miles, I still love you.” sting even more now that I’m in Los Angeles, California while my best friends are mostly in Boston, Massachusetts.

George Watsky, spoken-word poet, rapper, and Emerson College alumn, tends to have that stinging effect on young twenty somethings who haven’t quite found their way yet. His latest album, X Infinity, came out this past August and I was all over it. I listening to it for days on repeat. I couldn’t get enough of the introspective, honest, and raw insights. Each song seemed to mean something more to me than the last.

For no reason at all I wrote down my thoughts about each track when I listened to the album in full for the first time in my iPhone notes. Here is that journey. Warning: following language is explicit and nonsensical.

Before even hitting play:

!!!!!!!!! Yes bitch !!!!!!!!!! I’m so ready

Track – Pink Lemonade 

– I love the line “You want to run a country? That makes me shiver. Bitch, I don’t trust you to run with adult scissors.”
– This song is strong on it’s own. It’s very obviously a song about current political climate/how ridiculous America is right now. True.
– “I vote Yeezus, DeezNuts 20/20.”

Track – Tiny Glowing Screens Pt.3
– No words. Take everything ever and we are that, times infinity.

Bonus Track – Exquisite Corpse 

– Holy shit. So much commentary. This song has so many people featured on this song.
– “Bill the science guy told us the end is nye.” Ugh, a pun so good it makes me groan.
– A song about a potential Apocalypse and how to survive.
– “Atlanta is lost, Justin Bieber is dead.”
– Most powerful part is Chinaka Hodge’s verse: “Nothing’s all that different, been the same for black women, when apocalyptic breakfast follows revelation dinners. The lights been out, the water smelling of Flint. Exquisite corpses laying where the bodies had been. No bombs over Baghdad, just drones with grenades. When life gives us citrus we learn to drop Lemonade.”

Track – Knots 

– A song about failing to succeed.
–  Beautiful piano composure on this one.
– This is how I feel about making content when I’ve run out of ideas x 1000.
– Sounds like a very dramatic musical monologue in a weird adaption of The Catcher Of The Rye. Holden Caulfield vibes.

Track – Chemical Angels 

– A song I would put on if I hosted a house party.
– “Comfort I crave.” Same.
– “My brain has a mind of it’s own.” Same.
– Pretty sure it’s about drug/alcohol use, and not wanting to change.

Track – Going Down 

– A song about ‘going down,’ literally.
– Sexuality is celebrated.
– Comments how masculinity is fragile in a hilarious way.
– This is a jam. It’s my friend’s favorite song on the whole album.

Track – Conversations 

– I love this.
– Conversations with parents.
– Uncertainty about what comes next. Same.
– Parent: “How did I raise this emo f***** 9-year-old?”
– Children have ton of answers that adults cannot offer them.

Track – Don’t Be Nice 

– Yas, Queen. I’m calling Watsky “Queen” because I hate when people call artists “Daddy.” He kills it in this, though.

Track – Brave New World 

– The voice of guest Chaos Chaos is so soothing.
– Again, another one with a lot of commentary about the political state.
– “Every minute, deeper in it, another fantasy is brought to life.”

Track – Love Letters 

– “If you love someone, then you tell them.”

Track – Talking To Myself 

– This is my favorite song on the whole album, I can already tell.
– It’s about being your own best friend.
– I relate to this so much because I constantly battle anxiety and that can be alienating.
– Sounds worse than it feels, but this song puts into words how I often feel.
– “Have you felt a little off today? Had a lot to say? But wound up talking to yourself?”

Track – Midnight Heart 

– I want to send this song to every dumb guy that has ever tried to manipulate me, or mansplained to me, or just disrespected me in general.
– It’s the Don’t Hurt Yourself (Beyoncé’s Lemonade) of this album.
– “Sorry buddy, it’s time you knew. Nothing you ever said was funny; the punchline is you.”
– “I can’t bend over for someone I don’t respect.”

Track – Roses

– This song sounds so soothing and sweet.
– It’s about having the strength to move on.
– It’s goes off on needing attention and fueling ambition.
– It this reflects how he’s feeling, I’m glad Watsky is seemingly at peace with himself and content. He must be protected at all costs.

Track – Yes Britannia

– I love this.
– About saying goodbye and finding resolutions.
– “See you never, I guess.”
– Reminds me of those relationships that quickly and suddenly unravel.
– Flashbacks to watching someone losing interest in me, haaaaa.
– “The world is one mean, motherf*****” Well said.

Track – Stick To Your Guns

– A metaphor about school shootings and the need for gun control in the U.S.
– This song makes me uncomfortable, but I think it’s supposed to.
– Talks about glorification of shooters and the monetization of tragedy.

Track – Little Slice

– This is another song I would put on if I hosted a house party.
– Reminds me of my college friends (same college as Watsky, actually).
– “There’s so many people I love right here, but it hasn’t been a good night, until the sh** gets kind of weird.”
– I also just want a little slice of paradise. Where can I get this?

Track – Springtime In New York

– The only song I do not like.
– The screeching subway and New York City background sounds give me anxiety.
– I had to shut it off.

Overall album thoughts:

10/10 would recommend. This is Watsky’s best album. I crave his meta anxious experimental commentary.

From Sloppy Seconds’ summertime homely bliss to Talking To Myself’s frustration, Watsky knows how to strike just the right heart string for it to work.

X Infinity is so good that I worry it’s a departure album. His grand ‘going out with a bang.” I hope this isn’t the case, but until then I’ll be trying to grab a slice of paradise – I don’t need the whole pie, just got to have my little slice.

EW’s Popfest Lineup: Rated E For Everyone

What does Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne, family-fart-joke sitcom Bob’s Burgers, and 2000’s angst anthem queen JoJo all have in common? Entertainment Weekly’s two-day-event pop culture festival in downtown Los Angeles.

This upcoming weekend the place to be for all media-lovers is The Reef, in downtown LA. This event is truly rated “E for Everyone” because it highlights all areas of interest in film, music, television, podcasts, literature, social media influencers and more.

Here’s a quick guide to what might pique your interest at EW’s Popfest this year.

For film freaks:

What: A chat with Academy award frontrunners: Damien Chazelle (La La Land, previously Whiplash), Barry Jenkins (Moonlight), Pablo Lorrain (Jackie), David Mackenzie (Hell Or High Water) and Mike Mills (20th Century Women).
When & Where: Saturday, October 29th, 1:30 PM, Theater

What: A first look screening of The Mick, a TV movie starring It’s Always Sunny star Kaitlin Olson, followed by a discussion with It’s Always Sunny producers Dave and John Chernin.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 4:00 PM, Studio

What: A Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them sneak peek screening with Academy award winner Eddie Redmayne and co-star Katherine Waterson.
When & Where: Sunday, October 30th, 12:30 PM, Main Stage

What: A sneak peek of holiday-comedy Office Christmas Party with the cast and directors – Jennifer Aniston (Friends), Courtney B. Vance (The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story), T.J Miller (Silicon Valley), Olivia Munn (X Men: Apocalypse) and directors Will Speck and Josh Gordon (The Switch).
When & Where: Sunday, October 30th, 5:15 PM, Studio

What: A Wes Craven tribute & screening of 20th century Scream with creator Kevin Williamson and special guests from the 1996 film that launched the horror franchise.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 5:30 PM, Main Stage.

For music mavens:

What: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast Performance – join the cast of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend while they perform a song from the newest season of The CW’s show right in front of you – for those who want to see Josh Chan’s (Vincent Rodriquez III) and Rebecca Bunch’s (real life princess Rachel Bloom) love offscreen.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 2:30 PM, Theater


What: Tyler Glenn Performance – see the lead vocalist and keyboardist of rock pop band Neon Trees (Everybody Talks, Animals, Sleeping With A Friend) – in case you want to re-live the summer of 2012.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 3:45 PM, Main Stage

What: Jake Miller Performance – a rising rapper who formerly opened for Fifth Harmony, Mac Miller, and performed beside Flo Rida, Sean Kingston, and Asher Roth – if you’re into that kind of thing.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 4:30 PM, Main Stage

What: Cardiknox Perfomance – dance along to the electro-pop duo’s hooky synth sounds. -for ladies and gents who want to dance at a festival and wear flower crowns.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 5:15 PM Main Stage

What: DJ Michelle Pesce, Lizzo, Janelle Monae, and the real life version of my posters from childhood, Nick Jonas. The first of EWPopfest@Night two-night event – for those who want to ogle at the real life version of the poster in their childhood bedroom, Nick Jonas and for those who want to booty-shake to Janelle Monae.
When & Where: Saturday, October 29th, 6:00 PM, Main Stage


What: JoJo Perfomance – be graced with 2000’s angst-anthem Queen Jojo’s return from a 10 year music hiatus. -for those who love nostalgia and want to hear JoJo swear in her new song F*** Apologies* *me me me me me I want this so bad!
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 3:15 PM, Main Stage


What: Tove Lo Performace – get day-drunk-into-the-night and talk body with 80’s idiosyncratic edm pop sounding artist Tove Lo. -for people who love to dance and have a good time, she might even flash the audience* *she has been known to do this.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 4:15 PM, Main Stage

What: R!ot Performance – an LA based electro-group known for collaborating with up and coming pop star Daya.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 4:45 PM, Main Stage

For TV-addicts:

What: Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles look back 11 seasons, and ahead into season 12 in a fan Q&A panel. – for fans Winchester fans.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 12:30 PM, Main Stage

What: The CW Superheroes: Stephen Amell (Arrow), Grant Gustin (The Flash), Melissa Benoist (Supergirl), Caity Lotz (Legends of Tomorrow) with their producer Greg Berlanti in an epic DC comic superhero to talk superhero TV with fans.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 1:15 PM, Main Stage

What: Survivor, interactive activity with Jeff Probst and cast all-stars. A weirdly intriguing survival challenge against former contestants for a grand prize: an iconic survivor buff (which would be exciting, if I didn’t already own one! fake fans step to left, I got one for my birthday when I was 10.)
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 2:15 PM, Main Stage

What: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast Performance – join the cast of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend while they perform a song from the newest season of The CW’s show right in front of you – for those who want to see Josh Chan’s (Vincent Rodriquez III) and Rebecca Bunch’s (real life princess Rachel Bloom) love offscreen.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 2:30 PM, Theater

What: Good Behavior screening – catch a glimpse of Michelle Dockery’s (Downton Abbey) newest character Letty Raines in a new con-artist drama on TNT. Followed by a Q&A with co-creators Chad Hodge and Blake Crouch.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 2:30 PM, Studio

What: Gilmore Girls first footage with Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino – grab some coffee, create a list of snarky quips, and mentally return to Stars Hollow with this discussion and exclusive sneak peek into the Gilmore Girls revival four-part series, set to air November 25th on Netflix.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 3:45 PM, Theater


What: Happy Endings reunion and Live Table Read – Join Casey Wilson, Damon Wayans Jr. and other cast members for a live table read of a brand new episode.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 5:00 PM, Theater

What: Nickelodeon Animation Podcast with Rocko’s Modern Life creator Joe Murray – for 90’s kids who don’t want to let go of their Saturday cartoons.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 12:15 PM, Podcast Lounge

What: The cast of MTV’s Teen Wolf in a panel discussion with a fan Q&A sesh.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 1:15 PM, Main Stage

What: Trivia with the cast of This Is Us – If you want to see Milo Ventimiglia (Gilmore Girls, Heroes) and co-star Mandy Moore (Tangled, A Walk To Remember) play pop culture trivia.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 2:15 PM, Main Stage

What: Three Rounds (of drinks) with the cast of Grey’s Anatomy: Jessica Capshaw, Camilla Luddington, Sarah Drew, Kelly McCreary, Jason George, and Jerrika Hinton.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 12:15 PM, Theater

What: Ryan Murphy, Lea Michele, Emma Roberts, Kathy Bates, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Cuba Gooding Jr. – a Scream Queens, American Horror Story, and People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story discussion and panel. Spooked and delighted to attend this shizz.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 2:15 PM, Theater


What: Bob’s Burgers Live, join the Belcher’s for a live table read. Weirdly adjust yourself to seeing the faces behind the voices (Not really a spoiler: Tina is voiced by a man).
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 4:15 PM, Theater

What: James Corden – an intimate discussion and Q&A with The Late Late Show Host. I may or may not ask why we haven’t seen a Beyoncé carpool karaoke yet. Also, does Harry Styles smell like rich mahogany and wildflowers in real life just like I have imagined all this whole time? We, the people, deserve answers.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 5:15 PM, Theater

For Podcast Pros:

What: Gilmore Guys a countdown podcast to the Gilmore Girls revival with Kevin T. Porter and Vine star Demi Adejuyigbe that will look back at some of Stars Hollow’s finest Kirk moments.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 12:15 PM, Studio

What: The Writers Panel with Blindspot creator Martin Grero and host Ben Blacker, a talk about the business and process of writing.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 12:15 PM, Podcast Lounge

What: Ladies Who Lunch, Youtubers Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes talk sex, social phobias, and more taboo table talk.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 1:15 PM, Podcast Lounge

What: Too $hort’s Boombox, rapper Too $hort is making his podcast debut at Popfest to discuss music, social media, and influence.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 2:15 PM, Podcast Lounge

What: Bitch Sesh, Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider will talk about their non-fake love for Real Housewives on Bravo and drink wine.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 3:15 PM, Podcast Lounge

What: Allegedly, Comedian Theo Von and journalist Matthew Cole Weiss compete with each other to be the better interviewer in a three round game with one celebrity guest judge.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 4:30 PM, Podcast Lounge

What: The Lady Gang with Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek, and Becca Tobin discuss womanhood and Hollywood and try to answer burning questions from female listeners about coming of age in the spotlight.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 5:30 PM, Podcast Lounge

What: Nickelodeon Animation Podcast with Rocko’s Modern Life creator Joe Murray – for 90’s kids who don’t want to let go of their Saturday cartoons.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 12:15 PM, Podcast Lounge

What: Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin’s Fat Man On Batman, a discussion on comics, fandom, and the caped crusader in black.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 1:15 PM, Podcast Lounge

What: Anna Faris Is UnQualified with Seth Rogen, an expectedly funny living room style-chat with Anna Faris and Seth Rogen. It’s exactly what it sounds like.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 1:30 PM


What: Missi and Zach Might Bang! – Missi Pyle (The Artist, Gone Girl, Galaxy Quest) and Zach Selwyn (TBS, The History Channel, ESPN) host celebrities to offer advice to peeps breaking into the entertainment industry.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 2:30 PM, Podcast Lounge

What: My Favorite Murderer, crime fans Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark will talk favorite tales of murder with fans and friends, a day before Halloween. Spooky.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 4:30 PM Podcast Lounge

What: Throwing Shade – hosts Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi will throw shade and discuss topics such as feminism, gay rights, and of course, pop culture.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 5:30 PM Podcast Lounge

For Book Bitches:

What: Victoria Aveyard, author of best selling series Red Queen, book signing.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 12:20. PM Book Cafe

What: Joey Graceffa, Youtuber and author of Children of Eden, Q&A + book signing.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 1:00 PM, Book Cafe

What: Authors Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs, husband and wife YA authors of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series, and Shatter Me series, discussion.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 1:15 PM Studio

What: Terry McMillan, best-selling author of How Stella Got her Groove Back, and latest novel, I Almost Forgot About You, book signing.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 1:30 PM Book Cafe

What: Tahereh and Ransom Riggs, husband and wife YA authors of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series, and Shatter Me series, book signing.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 2:30 PM, Book Cafe

What: Ed Brubaker, comic book veteran (Captain America: Winter Soldier), signing.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 3:00 PM, Book Cafe

What: Anne Rice, vampire author, meet & greet, exclusive book release and signing sesh.
When & Where: Saturday October 29th, 4:30 PM, Book Cafe

What: Author Diana Gabaldon, romance author of nine part novel series Outlander, which inspired the Starz show; a discussion.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 1:15 PM, Theater

What: Rick Remender, prolific comic book writer (Uncanny Avengers, Uncanny X-Force) will sign copies of his works Tokyo Ghost, and Deadly Class.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 1:30 PM, Book Cafe

What: Diana Gabaldon, romance author of nine part novel series Outlander, which inspired the Starz show; book signing.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 2:00 PM, Book Cafe

What: Sophia Amoruso, founder of and author of #GirlBoss will read from newest book, Nasty Galaxy in a discussion/book signing.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 2:30 PM, Book Cafe

What: Jade Chang, author of The Wangs vs. The World, meet and great, reading, and signing sesh.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 4:15 PM Book Cafe

What: Chris Colfer, glee-star and author of Land Of Stories series, discussion & signing.
When & Where: Sunday October 30th, 4:15 PM, Studio

Aaaaaand there’s more! Up until the festival starts the schedule is ever-changing, new artists are being announced and added to the lineup.

Some pre-Popfest thoughts:

The Gilmore Girls revival is all I will be able to think about once I’ve seen the exclusive footage.

JoJo will be unapologetic – as we know she is the queen of ‘being done’ from 2004’s Leave (Get Out) to 2016’s F*** Apologies.

The Bob’s Burgers table read will make me feel warm and happy inside. The Belchers have an inappropriate, extremely calming family bond that warms my soul despite the show’s silly antics.


I’m guessing I won’t be a fan of Fantastic Beasts personally – sorry! I just have a hunch that it will not live up to the Harry Potter nostalgia hype!


Hearing Seth Rogen’s laugh in person is going to be somethin’ else.

I’m very excited to attend. All day I’ll be running around like a maniac trying to catch every glimpse of my media heroes. On Twitter, I will be using #EWPopFest so make sure to follow along for some crazy coverage, live tweets and after-thought blog posts from this year’s EW’s Popfest.

I’m ready for this Saturday and Sunday – are you?
More information available here.

Director’s Cut: Ghostbuster’s (2016) Love Interest

Ghostbusters’ (2016) extended cut was released on BluRay last week, and there’s a few deleted scenes worth mentioning. In fact, there is one whole character that got completely cut from the theatrical version altogether – Dr. Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) had a love interest boyfriend Columbia colleague named Phil (played by Justin Kirk, star of Weeds).


Let’s all have a moment of silence for Justin Kirk, who worked on one of the most-talked about films of the year without any recognition or evidence that he was even a part of the movie, until now.

Was Phil cut from the movie to avoid the criticism that a female Ghostbuster doesn’t need a love interest or unnecessary romantic subplot? Or was he simply just cut for time? These are answers we do not yet have from director Paul Feig.

Regardless of the editorial reasoning, the three scenes with Phil are objectively funny, and do add some context to the theatrical version that was inherently missing.

We first see Phil introducing Erin Gilbert to his female colleague (who is played by Elizabeth Perkins, Kirk’s co-star on Weeds). Here, Dr. Gilbert affirms that she is proud to be published. She has a back and forth quips with the female colleague – and overall this scene adds to the fact that Dr. Gilbert really wants to be respected in the scientific community.

We next see Phil briefly when Dr. Gilbert is fired from her tenure at Columbia and she is seen leaving her office with a box of her belongings. He doesn’t acknowledge her or look her in the eye as she leaves. This is probably a direct result of the viral video of her screaming “GHOSTS ARE REAL!” which would have made him ~an intellectual~ to avoid her gaze.

The last and most important scene with Phil is right before the Ghostbusters go to capture the demon ghost at the metal concert. Phil shows up and pulls Gilbert aside on the sidewalk asking her what she is doing – and she responds that she has to go and that they’re [the ghostbusters] doing real work. This scene is notable not so much because of their interaction, but rather the fact that fellow ghostbusters Dr. Abby Yates and Patty Tolan hilariously judge Phil from afar.  Here is that scene.

I question why this character was cut and would love to know how the decision was made to scrap all of his traces in the theatrical version entirely.

Whatever the reason, RIP PHIL (2016-2016). We will miss you and our probable double v-necks.


Miley Cyrus is a non-binary, pansexual, happy hippie.

This past weekend Miley Cyrus was honored at Variety’s Power of Women event for her charity work alongside Helen Mirren, Ava Duvernay, Scarlett Johansson and Laverne Cox.


She arrived to Variety’s red carpet at the Beverly Hills Wilshire arm and arm with her main squeeze and former co-star Liam Hemsworth. She wore a cute, low cut navy and white lace-rimmed floral pantsuit, and her short bleach blonde pony was fastened atop her natural roots with a navy ribbon bow. Cyrus, all smiles, was honored for her charity work initiatives for the homeless.

The Miley Cyrus that spoke at the podium on Friday is unlike the many Miley Cyrus’ of the past. To be honest, this is my favorite Miley yet – because 2016 Miley so far has been all about helping people.

Hannah Montana died a long time ago.


imageIn her final Hannah days and since the Disney show’s official end in 2011, we’ve seen many different transformations of Miley Cyrus. At first she was ‘just bein’ Miley’ and then she couldn’t be tamed. The ‘Breakout’ star made it clear she no longer wanted to be associated with her former Disney franchise.

Her infamous 2013 ‘Blurred Lines’ VMA performance as a sexualized baby destroyed the Miley we thought we formerly knew. Subsequently, the release of her album Bangerz finished the job – ushering in a new, adult-yet-childish sexed up era of Cyrus in both her music and image.

Her long brown wavy layers disappeared into a short bleach blonde bun. Then her small bun disappeared into a a practically shaved blonde pixie cut. This was a Miley we hadn’t see before – she openly smoked weed, stuck her tongue out, and wore nipple-pasties. The world didn’t know what to think. Cyrus was subject to a ton of slut-shaming for expressing her comfort with nudity and twerking.

Following her VMA performance with Robin Thicke, an alarming amount of people criticized her sexual nature, rather than Thicke’s, who at the time was singing about how he knew a woman “wanted it” even though she had said no. Blurred lines of sexual consent? Yuck.

In 2013 Bangerz was new, it was good, and it was an iconic shift. This album was perhaps the first honest representation seen of Cyrus since the start of her music career. We Can’t Stop and Wrecking Ball were the songs of that summer, and suddenly everyone saw Miley Cyrus as much more than a former child-star. To teenagers everywhere she was dope, relatable, and something their parents didn’t approve of.

Since 2013 Miley has continued with her more honest, open, “I don’t give a f***” image. In 2014 she sent a homeless young man to accept her award at the VMAs on her behalf to raise awareness of homeless youth. Then, Cyrus was subject to controversy again when she hosted the 2015 VMA’s wearing white, matted dreadlocks, that some might describe as ‘hippy hair.’ This was problematic cultural appropriation – but aside from this, the real controversy centered around artist Nicki Minaj calling her out onstage for some pre-show comments made. Nicki’s Miley What’s Good? is now on T-shirts everywhere.

Since then, it seems Miley has rebounded by helping others. In 2015, Cyrus founded and appropriately named The Happy Hippie Foundation, a non-profit organization that rallies young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations. The foundations works with The Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood, and several suicide prevention centers. Last year she also released and toured for a completely free Soundcloud album, Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz. This was when it started to seem that Miss ‘I don’t give a f****’ did actually give a few f****s.

Fast forward to now, in 2016, Miley is in her most powerful final form: a happy, non-binary, pansexual hippie. She’s ditched the problematic  dreads (finally). She’s working heavily within charity and social activism – encouraging people to vote, raising awareness around LGBT issues, and showing us some authentic passions of hers.

She’s mentoring on The Voice, focusing on the music, and helping others. She recently revealed to Variety that she identifies as pansexual and is attracted to both genders. She also revealed that she is non-binary, considers herself genderless, and has never truly felt comfortable as a girl or as a boy. To many, Miley Cyrus coming out publicly adds validity to their own stories and identities, which are frequently misunderstood.

The Miley were are seeing now is evolved, open, and genuine. Some people are always going to hate Miley Cyrus. She is a symbol of sexual freedom, provocativeness, and female power (which we know is constantly being attacked – see: Donald Trump).

Whether you hate her or not, it’s time to give some credit where credit is due: 2016 Miley Cyrus does a lot for the homeless, LGBTQ+ communities, and struggling youth, all while continuing to work as a woman in Hollywood (no easy task there) mentoring aspiring and often underprivileged contestants on NBC’s The Voice.

I’m here for this Miley. 🎤👅 👏 Are you?


Saturday Night’s newest, familiar faces

Saturday Night Live season 42 premiered last weekend with a Trump/Hillary debate cold open, a first Family Feud, and many sexy Margot Robbie sketches.

The return of SNL means two things, out with the old and in with the new cast members.

Let’s all  take a moment to observe and commemorate  the fallen cast members who won’t be returning this season.

RIP to the SNL career’s of:

Taran Killam (2010-2016)


Mostly known for: Snooty 1800’s critic Jebediah Atkinson, Mokiki, French Dancing Fool, overall strong ensemble traits.


Jay Pharoah (2010-2016)


Mostly known for:
Jay-Z, Kanye West, Ben Carson, Katt Williams, Barack Obama, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, literally everyone else.


Jon Rudnitsky (2015-2016)


I’m sorry, who is this? Can someone please tell me? Is this the record for shortest SNL career in history?
Do you even go here?

Two of you will be dearly missed.


Now to the exciting part: NEW CAST MEMBERS. There’s three new names to know: Mikey Day, Alex Moffat, and Melissa Villaseñor.

I’m excited to say that I already recognize two of the newbies. I felt an inkling of familiarity watching Mikey Day on the SNL’s premiere and quickly realized he was in one of my favorite viral videos in middle school. He played Evan, a man terrorized by David Blaine in, the David Blaine Street Magic series. I still think this video is comedic gold. “You shrunk my Honda, you bitch!”

Melissa Villaseñor also resonated with me and I realized she was the person on the Vine who got famous a couple months ago for her INSANE “Oh wow” Owen Wilson impression. Her Vine, titled “Owen Wilson On A Date,” along with her Vine account has gone private since then, but she’s posted similar content on her YouTube.

As for Alex Moffat, I can’t say I’m familiar from first glance, so I guess he’s our SNL rookie underdog at this point.

Anyway, here’s what you need to know about each of SNL’s newest entertainers.

Mikey Day


From: Orange County, California

Also apparently dated (is dating?) Selma Blair. Hmm.

Previous Work: Friends with Benefits, Kath & Kim, The Jay Leno Show, MAD, Maya and Marty (current), Robot Chicken (current).

Debut characters: Matt Shatt, an unattractive croc-wearing husband whose marriage to an attractive woman (Margot Robbie) puzzles a news team. Donald Trump Jr. during Family Feud: Political Edition.

Known Impressions: James Vanderbeek

Alex Moffat


From: Chicago, Illinois

Previous Work: The Second City, ImprovOlympic, Annoyance Theatre, Zanies Comedy Club, and Uncle John (2015)

Debut Character: Eric Trump, during Family Feud: Political Edition, and a seismologist.


source: @melissavcomedy on twitter
source: @melissavcomedy on twitter

*The first ever Latina cast member in SNL’s 41 year history.
From: Whittier, California

Previous Work: Adventure Time, Family Guy, TripTank, America’s Got Talent Season 6, First Impressions

Debut Character: Sarah Silverman in Family Feud: Political Edition.

Known Impressions: Owen Wilson, Natalie Portman, Whitney Cummings, Sia, Zooey Deschanel, Barbara Walters, Jennifer Lopez, Hillary Clinton, Kate Micucci, Sonia Sotomayor, Kristen Wiig, Gwen Stefani.

I’m looking forward to an interesting season, here’s hoping these 3 fill the enormous shoes left for them!